As a full time employee working 36 hours a week, and a part time student studying an Undergraduate degree life is full on to say the least. 13 hours a day spent developing myself professional and academically is tough, but there has to be a line drawn between the two. A little box to put the thoughts of work into, before tackling the evening of study.

Welcome to just such a blog - to bridge the gap..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I am now on day two of a Crystal Reports training session located on Regent Street (equal distance between Piccadilly and Oxford Street underground so leg aches assured) and it got me thinking about the prospect of having a job in London or The City.

Personally I can see why some are averted to the whole commuting thing, what with the crowding and scrum downs that ensue when doors open. Yet despite that I think it is something I could "hack" doing for the right job.

By the right job I mean somewhere in the region of £30k as the cost to commute alone is daylight robbery, in a location in underground zone 1 or Canary Wharf, and lastly the right job for what I can do...

Nothing in the works yet and no plans either... So... Whether I come back as a daily body or not only the future holds.

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Location:Regent St, London