As a full time employee working 36 hours a week, and a part time student studying an Undergraduate degree life is full on to say the least. 13 hours a day spent developing myself professional and academically is tough, but there has to be a line drawn between the two. A little box to put the thoughts of work into, before tackling the evening of study.

Welcome to just such a blog - to bridge the gap..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I am now on day two of a Crystal Reports training session located on Regent Street (equal distance between Piccadilly and Oxford Street underground so leg aches assured) and it got me thinking about the prospect of having a job in London or The City.

Personally I can see why some are averted to the whole commuting thing, what with the crowding and scrum downs that ensue when doors open. Yet despite that I think it is something I could "hack" doing for the right job.

By the right job I mean somewhere in the region of £30k as the cost to commute alone is daylight robbery, in a location in underground zone 1 or Canary Wharf, and lastly the right job for what I can do...

Nothing in the works yet and no plans either... So... Whether I come back as a daily body or not only the future holds.

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Location:Regent St, London

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

iPhone glory

Ahh... iPhone how you have come to be an extension of my very being.

I don't mean to look like a pompous arse with my smart phone and certainly wont go to the extremes of checking work email out of work hours (not yet anyway... not paid enough!). However you have made my work life balance harmonious!

No longer do I panic about what is happening at work today that I may have forgetten, there it is in my calendar, synched with the server. With pretty much an app for everything all aspects of my life seem to merge into one homogenous blob that slips fluidly from work, to play, to rest.